Transport Managers CPC

Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence in International Road Haulage

AIM Commercial Services Ltd is able to offer the Transport Manager CPC required for the demonstration of professional competence to meet operator licencing requirements or simply to further knowledge in the transport sector. We will be offering the syllabus approved by OfQual and delivered by OCR.

We can provide top quality training designed to ensure you pass the two examinations under OCR regulation.


Two consecutive weeks (Mon – Fri) consisting of 10 days of classroom tuition and mock examinations followed in a third week by an optional 3 days ‘open class room’ for home study, culminating in the examinations required.


Two examinations are required for certification. The first is a multi-choice examination taking 2 hours and covering the full syllabus (see below) – Please note: this is now taken online, for more details please contact our office. The second is an open book case study examination taking 2 hours 15 minutes and again covering the full syllabus. Typically a 70% pass rate is required for the multi-choice examination and 50% pass rate for the case study although these may vary from examination to examination.


The following areas are covered in some detail. This is a level 3 standard requiring considerable study outside classroom delivery.

  • A – Civil Law
  • B – Commercial Law
  • C – Social Law
  • D – Fiscal Law
  • E – Business and financial management of the undertaking
  • F – Access to the market
  • G – Technical standards and technical aspects of operation
  • H – Road Safety


Dates for Transport Manager CPC Training

21 hours of Driver CPC are available


November – December 2019

Monday 18th November 2019- Friday 22nd November 2019 (Inclusive)

Monday 25th November 2019- Friday 29th November 2019 (Inclusive)

Room open for study (Optional): Tuesday 3rd December 2019 – Thursday 5th December 2019

Multiple Choice Exam: Monday 2nd December 2019

Case Study Exam: Friday 6th December 2019


February/March 2020 – 6 Spaces Left 

Tuesday 25th February 2020 – Friday 28th February 2020

Monday 2nd March 2020 – Friday 6th March 2020

Room open for study: Tuesday 10th March 2020 – Thursday 12th March 2020

Multiple Choice Exam: Monday 9th March 2020

Case Study Exam: Friday 13th March 2020


May/June 2020 – 8 Spaces Left.

 Tuesday 26th May 2020 – Friday 29th May 2020

Monday 1st June 2020 – Friday 5th June 2020

Room open for study: Tuesday 9th June 2020 – Thursday 11th June 2020

Multiple Choice Exam: Monday 8th June 2020

Case Study Exam: Friday 12th June 2020


August/September 2020 – 8 spaces left.

 Tuesday 25th August 2020 – Friday 28th August 2020

Monday 31st August 2020 – Friday 4th September 2020

Room open for study: Tuesday 8th September 2020 – Thursday 10th September 2020

 Multiple Choice Exam: Monday 7th September 2020

Case Study Exam: Friday 11th September 2020


November/December 2020 – 8 Spaces Left.

 Tuesday 17th November 2020 – Friday 20th November 2020

Monday 23rd November 2020 – Friday 27th November 2020

Room open for study: Tuesday 1st December 2020 – Thursday 3rd December 2020

Multiple Choice Exam: Monday 30th November 2020

Case Study Exam: Friday 4th December 2020