Drivers CPC Modules

Driver CPC Modular Course

A.I.M Commercial Services Ltd has been approved as a Driver CPC Centre and is able to deliver Driver CPC courses as per the EU Directive 2003/59. This came into force in all European Union Member States on Sept 10th 2008 for bus and coach drivers.

From September 10th 2009 Goods Vehicle drivers were included. Since September 2014, holding only a vocational driving licence is not sufficient for anyone wishing to drive Goods Vehicle’s for employment. Drivers need to have completed 35 hours of Driver CPC training, with no less than 7 hours training per session.
As this is an on going qualification and is renewed every 5 years it is strongly recommended drivers attend one 7 hour session per year allowing them to be updated should regulations change.

Employers have the responsibility to ensure all drivers they employ hold the correct certificate and Licence. If 35 hours was not completed by September 2014 drivers and employers are committing an offence.

Each module below lasts for 3.5 hours (unless otherwise stated), so any two modules are required to form the 7 hour course.

A – EU Driver Hours and Road Transport Working Time Directive Regulations

Update on Current EU and RTWTD regulations

B – Correct Use of Tachographs, Improper Use and Fixed Penalties

This includes Practical Demonstration with a Simulator

C – LGV Driver Safety Awareness Update

Have an understanding of Health and Safety rules, Manual Handling, Causes and Prevention of Accidents.  Safe Loading Practices, Types of Restraint, PPE, Vehicle Dimensions, Coupling and Uncoupling & Penalties Faced for Disregarding the Law.

D –  Driver Legislation Update

Daily Defect Checks, Awareness of Safe Driving Behaviours including Speeding, Driver Tiredness, Use of Mobile Telephones, Drink, Drugs, Smoking Restrictions and Seat Belt Law.

E –  Vulnerable Road Users & Driver Tiredness

Have a good knowledge and understanding about vulnerable road users and how to be considerate drivers. How to recognise conditions that may or will affect their capability to drive at an optimum level.

F – Protecting and Understanding your Vocational Licence

Driving Licence Categories and Minimum ages, Renewals & Health Issues, Fixed Penalty Points and Licence Endorsements, Vocational Qualifications and Renewals.

G – Highway Code and Accident Awareness

Update on the Highway Code, including Parking Restrictions, Loading/Unloading, London Congestion Charges, Accident and Breakdown Procedures including Emergency Aid Awareness.

H – Anti-Terrorism Awareness

Details to follow

I – Fast Road Awareness for Drivers

To understand your roles as a driver and how to carry out a Dynamic Risk Assessment. Approaching and positioning vehicles at collision scenes. Identifying collision locations. Initial scene assessments and contacting Emergency Services.


Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) – 7 hours towards CPC

Suitable for drivers and none drivers such as Workshop, Warehouse and Office staff. The course covers initial responses and follow up action to an emergency, CPR, wounds and bleeding, Epilepsy, minor injuries and major illnesses.

1 Day Lift Truck Refresher Training – 7 hours towards CPC

(Includes Counterbalance and Demountable Lift Truck)

Refresh basic Safety and Operator knowledge. Job specific loading and unloading knowledge in line with current legislation.

Vehicle Mounted Crane Refresher Training Operator Course – 7 hours towards CPC

Refresh basic Safety and Operator knowledge. Job specific loading and unloading knowledge in line with current legislation.

OLAT – Operator Licence Awareness Training – 7 hours toward CPC  Refresher Course for Transport Managers

An in-depth look into Operator Licencing Undertakings, Exemptions & Renewals, The role of the Traffic Commissioner, Legal Undertakings & Enforcements, Driving Licences, OCRS Scores, Record Keeping, Planned Preventative Maintenance and Duty of Care.


Powered Pallet Safety and Operator Knowledge – No CPC Hours available

Provide/refresh basic powered pallet safety and operator knowledge. Job specific loading and unloading in line with current legislation.